National Preparedness Month

Get Ready During National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month (NPM) is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the year. As our nation continues to respond to COVID-19, there is no better time to be involved this September.

Week 1: Make A Plan

  • Make A Plan: Knowing how to prepare for disasters includes how you will communicate with family and friends during disasters, reviewing insurance papers, and much more.

Week 2: Build A Kit

  • Build A Kit: You’ll need items to survive during a disaster that includes supplies you may need at home as well as a go kit of items you may need if you must evacuate quickly to a safer location.

Week 3: Prepare for Disasters

  • Prepare for Disasters: Find out the best way to limit the impacts a disaster may have, like having the right insurance coverage or what you can do to your home to make it stronger and more resilient.

Week 4: Teach Youth About Preparedness

  • Teach Youth About Preparedness: Take the time now and talk with your children to reassure them. Teach them lessons on preparedness. Make family preparedness a fun annual event.

Ready Campaign

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