FAQ Answers

I Want to Build a "Mother-in-Law" Apartment for My Parents on My Property. What are the Zoning Regulations?

Each lot is permitted 1 accessory dwelling unit, subject to the following standards and criteria:
  1. The property is zoned RS-04, RS-06 or RS-08 and meets the minimum lot area requirement for a single-family dwelling unit in the applicable zone district; and
  2. An accessory dwelling unit shall not exceed 600 square feet of floor area nor have more than 2 bedrooms; and
  3. An accessory dwelling unit may be created either through internal conversion of a portion of the primary structure or through construction of an addition to the primary structure; and
  4. Any additional entrance resulting from the creation of an integrated accessory unit may face the same side of the lot facing the street only if such entrance is adequately and appropriately screened in a manner that does not substantially detract from the single-family appearance of the primary dwelling; and
  5. Utilities for the accessory dwelling unit shall be metered jointly with the primary dwelling unit; and
  6. Roof pitches, siding and windows of any new structure constructed to house the accessory dwelling unit shall be similar to and complementary to the principal dwelling unit structure; and
  7. Either the primary dwelling unit or the accessory dwelling unit shall be physically occupied by at least 1 property owner of record during the life of the accessory dwelling unit. Owners shall sign an affidavit which attests to their residency for at least 6 months of every year. This affidavit shall be binding upon the owner or successive owners during the life of the accessory dwelling unit; and
  8. Accessory dwelling units shall not be subdivided or otherwise segregated in ownership from the primary dwelling unit