Active Permit Applications / Notices

Notice of Public Hearing - P-17-0096- Rezone Application

Applicant: Apex Engineering
Site Address: 503 5th St SW
Proposal: Proposed rezone of vacant parcel from RM-20 to RM-Core. THE PROPOSED REZONE WILL NOT
PARCEL. 11/1

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Notice of Application - P-17-0106

Applicant: Barghausen Engineers
Site Address: 3308 8th Ave SE
Project Description: Proposed improvements to existing Step-by-Step campus to include redevelopment of existing buildings, addition of new structures, utilities, landscaping, storm water management and a parking lot to accommodate new uses 11/1

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Notice of Application - P - 17 - 0097

Applicant: Magnet Design + Development, Kevin Carl
Site Address: 1813 South Meridian
Project Description: Remodel existing senior housing complex. Renovate two existing buildings and replace a third. Renovation to include transforming 11 assisted living units into 13 memory care rooms.  Applicant will replace  existing 1 story administration building with 2 story administration building. 10/16

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Notice of Application - P-17-0096

Applicant: Apex Engineering
Site Address: 703 5th St SW
Project Description:  Proposed rezone from 'RM-20' to 'RM-Core'. The proposed rezone will not change the allowed uses; the proposed rezone would allow for a higher density of multi-family development on site.

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Notice Of Application - P-17-0086

Applicant: Stewart Crossing LLC
Site Address: 2702 16th Ave NW
Project Description: New proposed phase 8 of the Stewart Crossing single-family residential development. The proposed phase includes fifty-three (53) single-family residential lots on a 10-acre site zoned Planned Community Development (PDC). The project site is bordered by single-family residential homes; phases 5 and 6 of the Stewart Crossing plat border the site on the south and west. The average lot size within the proposed plat is approximately 5,984 square feet. Related Boundary Line Revision (BLR) permit application is also under review for parcels 0420203001 and 0420203055. 9/14

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Notice of Application - P-17-0088

Applicant: CBRE Healthcare, Good Samaritan Hospital
Site Address: 502 14th Ave SE
Project Description: Proposed site development of a .26 acre site for additional off-street parking associated with Good Samaritan Hospital. 9/14

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Notice of Application - P-17-0072

Applicant: Trimark Hospitality
Site Address: 821 39th Ave SW
Project Description: Proposed site development of a new 5-story, 111 room hotel (La Quinta Inn) with off-street parking, landscaping, storm water controls, street improvements and utilities. Project will be located at the NE corner of 9th Street SW and 39th Ave SW. 8/17

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Notice of Application - P-17-0033

Applicant: Louis Rudolph Homes
Site Address: 1116 7th Ave SW
Project Description: Proposed subdivision of parcel into two new lots. Parcel is zoned single family residential (RS-06). The minimum lot width in this zone is 50’. The applicant is seeking a variance from this requirement in order to make each lot only 36.58’ wide. 8/17

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Notice of Application - P-17-0061

Applicant: Craig Peck, P.E.
Site Address: 1310 39th Ave SE
Project Description: Proposed site development of a 38,000 (+/-) square foot mini-storage warehouse with caretaker units. 6/28

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Notice of Application - P-17-0056

Applicant: Affinity of Puyallup, LLC
Site Address: 4211 5th St SE
Project Description: Proposed site development of a 168 unit, four (4) story building - senior (age-restricted) housing. Off-street parking, landscaping, utilities, storm water management and street frontage improvements also proposed. 6/14

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Notice of Public Hearing - P-17-0017

Applicant: PACLAND Engineering
Site Address: 2614 Pioneer Way East

The Hearing Examiner will be holding a public hearing on a variance (landscaping) permit, the request is to reduce the required landscaping buffer between the subject commercial development site and the abutting residential zone from 30' (required) to 15' (proposed). 5/11

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Notice of Application - P-17-0043

Applicant: WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Site Address: 1416 14th St SW
Project Description:  Proposed re-construction of the Fish and Wildlife hatchery facility, including renovation of rearing ponds, pollution abatement facilities and hatchery buildings. 5/11

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Notice of Application - P-17-0039

Applicant: Abbey Road Group
Site Address: 1601 3rd St SE
Project Description: Proposed site development of a 32,000 (+/-) square foot medical office building on a 1.09 acre site, with storm water management, off-street parking, landscaping and other improvements. Site is zoned MED (Medical) and is part of the Good Sam Master Plan area. 5/5