Don't Feed the Ducks!

You may enjoy watching or even feeding the ducks at DeCoursey Pond or Clark's Creek Park. What you may not know is that feeding the ducks contributes to water pollution. It might sound silly, but duck poop (fecal coliform) is one of the major pollutants in DeCoursey Pond and Clark's Creek. Duck poop (fecal coliform) causes water temperatures to rise and can harm the local fish population.


Students from Washington State University are conducting a survey to assist the City and WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center in protecting the water from the harms of duck poop. The survey will help improve education and outreach strategies to decrease pollution in DeCoursey Pond. Please take a minute to fill out the student's survey; all responses are confidential.

Read more about Clark's Creek Initiative and the current and past efforts to restore and maintain its health.
  1. Joy Rodriguez, P.E.

    Civil Engineer