Update: We are currently in the process of reviewing all permits that were submitted prior to the launch of CityView. This process is taking longer than expected and we ask for your patience. If you are trying to submit for a legacy permit, or would like to know the status of your permit, please contact our Permit Center at 253-864-4165 or


The City has implemented a new online permitting system, which will allow DPS staff to manage permits, code enforcement, and review planning documents all electronically. The software is called CityView, and it will streamline our permitting processes while also providing quality customer service.

Customers can use CityView’s Customer Portal to check the status of their applications, review staff messages, and pay for permits all using the software’s intuitive platform.

The new software replaces our existing permitting software, EDEN. Customer can take advantage of the software’s features, which will increase transparency and decreased permit turnaround times. 

Click here to access the CityView Customer Portal.

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In 2018, the City began exploring options of converting its existing permitting systems into an all-digital online platform. The overarching goal was to find a software that could increase customer response, staff productivity, and data entry efficiencies. In September 2018, an RFP was issued seeking qualified vendors that would be able to provide a comprehensive online permitting system.    

In Fall/Winter 2018, the City selected CityView from the list of RFP submissions. In 2019, DPS staff began working directly with CityView to start the initial phases of the software implementation, with a projected launch for 2020. However, due to COVID-19, the project was delayed. In 2021, DPS staff restarted the project, with a projected launch for December 2021.

On December 13, 2021 at 8:30 am, DPS launched the CityView Customer Portal. Post-launch, all permit applications will be accepted through this software.


To learn more about CityView, and for questions on setting up an account, please email with the subject line “CityView Inquiry.” You can also call our Permit Services Center at 253-864-4165.