Downtown Parking Study

Downtown Puyallup Parking Study Graphic

Project Background:

The City of Puyallup is conducting a study of parking in downtown Puyallup (Downtown Parking Study Area). This is a very important issue for many downtown businesses and residents of Puyallup, and the City wants to get your thoughts and feedback. This website will be the main hub for information as the study progresses. We have and will continue to post regular updates on our progress. If you would like to be kept up to date about the study, as well as additional opportunities to provide input, please sign up for the email list below!

Parking Study Phases:

Phase 1:
The Puyallup Downtown Parking Study will be divided into two phases. The first phase is currently wrapping up and will extend through the end of the year. This first phase focused on collecting background data and public feedback to understand the community’s priorities for parking and current problem areas within downtown.  As part of this phase, the City sent out a survey to gauge community priorities for how parking is managed in downtown, and the website is currently hosting an interactive webmap where citizens can provide further feedback. The project team will develop a data collection plan based on this feedback, which will be executed once parking returns to normal levels.

Phase 2:
The second phase (scheduled to start in early 2021) will focus on collecting data, developing a parking strategy toolbox, and presenting recommendations to the public for additional input.

Public Input Opportunities:

This section contains information on current and upcoming opportunities to provide input and ideas about parking in downtown Puyallup. Check back for current opportunities or an update on when the next feedback opportunity will be available. We would appreciate your feedback on our first survey, focusing on parking priorities in Downtown Puyallup. 

We are grateful for your feedback on our first survey, focusing on parking priorities in Downtown Puyallup. A few key findings from the survey are summarized below:

  • Most people parking in downtown would prefer to keep parking free, with location and convenience of parking also being high priorities.
  • Many citizens felt that availability of parking could be improved, particularly for downtown businesses.
  • Parking availability for employees and commuters is a particular issue, with many opting to park on street or in other spaces that would normally be taken up by customers.
  • Several respondents recommended leveraging existing underutilized private and public parking lots to better serve the community.
  • Many respondents also emphasized that parking should be safe and comfortable to access.

In addition to the survey, we would appreciate your input on specific locations that could be improved through our interactive webmap. To access this webmap, click here. Check back on this page in early 2021 for a summary of feedback we received via the webmap as well as the opportunity to provide further feedback.

Email List Invite:

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