May 2019

Puyallup Lahar Evacuation Exercise

The City of Puyallup, in collaboration with the Puyallup School District, conducted one of the largest volcanic evacuation exercises in North America on May 17th.  The City’s Emergency Operations Center was activated to support the safe movement of 8,000 students and staff from 20 facilities throughout the City.
Lahar Exercise
The Puyallup Lahar Evacuation Exercise was the culmination of year-long planning between the City of Puyallup and the Puyallup School District. The exercise was designed to test and improve the city and school district’s ability to evacuate students and staff from the Puyallup valley in the event of an incoming lahar from Mount Rainier. With safety being a key component of the exercise, roads were closed to traffic, police directed students safely across the streets, and fire and rescue were on hand if needed. This exercise will help the City of Puyallup enhance and improve volcanic response plans and improve the preparedness of City residents. Check out what the State Emergency Management Division said about the exercise on their website.
Lahar Exercise Command

National Senior Health and Fitness Day

On May 29th, the Activity Center participated in the Nationwide Health and Fitness Event for older adults. This year marked the 26th anniversary of the program, and reportedly more than 100,000 older adults were estimated to have taken part in local events at more than 1,000 ‘Active Older Adult’ locations across the country. The event’s goals are to promote the importance of regular physical activity, and to showcase what local organizations are doing to improve the health and fitness of older adults in their communities.  

During the day, the Puyallup Activity Center featured the exercise room and a variety of fitness programs, including a walk highlighting Puyallup’s beautiful Outdoor Art Gallery. The fitness classes included the ‘Happy Exercisers’, ‘Video Exercise’, ‘Beginning Stretch and Strength Training’, and much more; including getting your balance score tested.  Nutritional Therapist and Holistic Health Coach, Traci Woodcock, gave an informative Superfoods for Energy presentation along with a “make and take” class. This interactive class taught participants the importance of superfoods and how easily they can be incorporated in ones’ daily nutrition.  

Park Ranger Program

This summer citizens and visitors to City of Puyallup Parks will see the friendly face of Kevin Zwink, our new Park Ranger. This pilot program will explore the effectiveness of having a Park Ranger visiting the heavily impacted parks within the city limits as well as the local neighborhood parks. Ranger Zwink is tasked with engaging visitors, informing them of park policies and giving them information about the parks, recreation programs and the city as a whole. You may see Ranger Zwink walking the park trails, riding his bike along the Riverwalk Trail, and driving his Park Ranger truck to and from locations.  Please say ‘hello’ if you see him at your favorite park!

Puyallup Pacers’ Walking Group

The Puyallup Activity Center encourages active and healthy lifestyles for all seniors through walking and offers the Puyallup Pacers’ Walking Group to provide a fun way to get some walking in. The most recent walking adventure was to Alki Beach in Seattle. Although the weather was not particularly nice, the group made the best of the situation, bringing their own sunshine with them. During this excursion, everyone enjoyed a wonderful seaside walk and a nice lunch on the beach. This activity is offered twice a month and transportation is provided to the participants to and from the various locations. Our Pacers have put many miles on their shoes while traveling to various popular locations, including Wapato Park, Brookville Gardens, Saltwater State Park, Myrtle Edwards Park, and many other great destinations.

Food Truck Pilot Program

The City Council has authorized a food truck pilot program to operate in the downtown. This six-month pilot program will continue through mid-October. The intent of the pilot program is to streamline the current permit process and broaden allowances for permitted food trucks to operate downtown and along the side of streets. At the conclusion of the pilot program, staff will provide feedback to City Council, so they may consider permanent allowances for food trucks to operate from city streets. 

Pilot Program Guidelines:

  • The program allows food trucks to operate along certain streets, on private property within the Central Business District (CBD) and CBD-Core areas, and on select city-owned parking lots as shown on the associated map. No food truck will be allowed to operate for more than four hours in any street location, nor park overnight.
  • Permits are required, and all permit holders must adhere to various conditions. These include keeping the public right-of-way free of litter associated with their business, and not interfering with the use of any sidewalks by pedestrians. They are not allowed to provide or utilize tables, chairs or audio amplification in conjunction with their operations.
  • Staff anticipates needing up to 2-3 days to review each application and issue a permit.  Although a business license is also required, a mobile vendor license and/or temporary use permit are not. 
Check out the pilot program website for more information and the program application. There is also a brief online survey where you can provide your input about how the program is currently operating or make recommendations as to what could be improved. We welcome your feedback!

Mobile Food Vendor Map

Valley Arts United Art Show

The Activity Center partners with Valley Arts United, an organization that features local artists’ work throughout the corridor of the Activity Center.  Valley Arts United selects a particular art show for a two-month duration. The current artist is Sun Hui Watkins and her exhibit is titled Joy of Journey – The Art of Asian Painting.  

Watkins’ artistic aspiration was sparked at the age of 5 when she received a box of crayons and white paper from her father shortly after the end of the Korean War.  Although, it wasn’t until retirement and after 60 years of education, teaching, marriage, and motherhood that Watkins’ artistry was rediscovered.  After a few years of studying traditional Korean painting and Chinese Gong-bi, Watkins discovered freedom from adherence to their formalities.  Please feel free to visit the Activity Center and see this featured artist’s display. 
Watkins Art 2
Watkins Art 1