Shaw Road: 23rd to Manorwood Drive 

This project is expected to begin construction on Thursday, April 19th.

The primary improvement will be the addition of a turn lane between 23rd Avenue SE and Manorwood Drive. This section of Shaw Road experiences more than 16,000 vehicle trips per day, and the addition of a center left-turn lane will ease traffic congestion and improve travel times, particularly during the morning and evening commute hours. The project will also add a sidewalk on the west side and a mixed-use trail on the east side.

The City looks forward to accomplishing this project and securing its benefits for all who use Shaw Road. Getting from "Before" to "After" will take some time, and we appreciate your patience as we work to deliver a quality project.

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Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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Local Access

This map shows the closure area as well as which intersections will be accessible--and which will not. Note that vehicles will be able to cross Shaw between Cherokee and 26th, and also that one northbound-only lane will be available from Cherokee/26th down to 23rd/Crystal Ridge Drive.

Project rescheduled from 2017 to 2018


This project, originally scheduled for 2017, was rescheduled to 2018 to avoid a potential wintertime work shutdown, thereby lessening the impact of the closure. It also allowed the City to seek bids in a less competitive bidding environment, helping to avoid higher project costs. The delay further accommodated the completion of necessary utility work in the right-of-way ahead of actual project construction.

Preliminary Project Work: 2015-2017


More than 80 residents attended the Shaw Road Open House in June of 2015, and 62 comments were submitted on the online survey. FAQs and comments can be viewed at right.

On August 11, 2015, the City Council authorized moving forward with this project as designed according to Option A (shared use path). In the interest of saving money and minimizing the time needed for project completion, the affected portions of Shaw Road will be closed during construction.

This 4,000-foot long section of Shaw Road will be improved with assistance from a grant provided by the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board.

Initial Design Work
Initial design work included the development of project alternatives for which community input was sought. The alternatives all included two lanes of through traffic with a turning lane or landscaped median. The designs differed with respect to the sidewalk and bicycle facilities.