9th SW from 7th Ave to 12th Ave

Importance of the Traffic Circle:
9th St SW is a neighborhood collector. This means the street serves to move traffic from local streets to a collector/arterial street. There are several benefits of traffic circles. These benefits include:
​             1) Emergency vehicles can easily maneuver around a traffic circle - resulting is less delays.
​             2) Provides for more comfortable driving with less wear and tear for vehicles and little to no jarring.
​             3) In cases where Stop signs are not warranted, the traffic circle prevents near miss collisions at intersections.
​             4) The traffic circle is visually appealing with the surrounding landscape.

​Because 9th St SW is classified as a Neighborhood Collector, the City will construct one traffic circle at 9th Ave and one traffic circle at 9th St SW. The City policy for Neighborhood Collectors are to have the traffic circles instead of speed bumps/speed tables. City staff will maintain the landscape.
Please see below for detailed photos of the upcoming traffic circle and maps of their locations.

Temporary Traffic Circle At Work

Traffic Choker Locations

traffic circle 2

Traffic Circle

traffic circle 1